Colin Taylor

Founder, "10X Demand Method"


I'm Colin Taylor

Founder, "10X Demand Method"


Founder of the 10X Demand Method...

Colin A. Taylor is a former U.S. Navy Search & Rescue Swimmer turned entrepreneur and Demand Generation Strategist.

After co-founding a successful digital marketing & artist booking agency, now in it's 15th yr of business...he worked for Apple Business consulting SMB’s & Enterprise clients...

....and over the past 8 years, he's been working with business owners to help them 2-10X their leads & sales in 90 days (or less) without hard selling or blowing their ad budgets.

Why we do it

We believe that businesses who "out care" their competition will win in the long run! 

But for us to thrive going forward, we must also have the emotional intelligence, curiosity, enthusiasm....

...as well as the right strategies, systems and technology to connect ideas that create meaningful transformations.

We help business leaders who share our vision get their best work into the world faster.

Our Best Clients

Are typically struggling with at least 2 of these 5 challenges...

1. Business Is Suffering

...because you've been in cruise control for too long or you're not sure where to start or how to go about some of these marketing projects and incorporate what’s worked for you in the past with what's working now

2. Making Paid Traffic Convert

...you need a predictable system for converting cold traffic so you can avoid feast or famine cash flow problems and scale your business instead of relying on referrals, and organic SEO 

3. Fixing An Existing Funnel

...you have an existing marketing funnel, but it’s not converting like you want...and you need dynamic sales copy, email follow-up and back end product sequencing

4. Entering A New Market

...you're launching a new business or product line right now, and you need to set up a brand new marketing funnel from scratch, and you want to get started quickly while minimizing risk 

5. Competitors Outpacing You

...you're seeing competitors make strides, and you need a "WOW" factor that differentiates you so you're not stuck competing for clients who are just looking for the cheapest price without regards to quality and results

If you're facing at least 2 of these 5 challenges, the "10X Demand Method" can ACTUALLY help you get the results you want, and a lot faster than you might think.

How We're Different

We specialize in using The “10X DEMAND METHOD” to help you create, capture and MULTIPLY demand for your products and services...in spite of how fast things change or how connected consumers evolve.

Note: Currently All Consulting Slots Are Filled

All spots for The "10X Demand Method" are filled and this opportunity is currently SOLD OUT. 

Consulting spots are made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To be added to the Priority Notification List, please click the blue button below that says Yes, Please Notify Me when a new spot opens up... 

...and you’ll receive a message as well as a confirmation email from me with instructions on next steps.

(Because spots often fill up quickly – and can sometimes take months to open, it’s a good idea to add yourself to the list even if you’re just possibly interested.)


Martin Howey - CEO, Topline Business Solutions

“If you’re a business owner who wants to generate more and better qualified leads, convert more of those leads into paying, repeat buying, and referring clients, then you’d be doing yourself, your company, and your clients a huge disservice by not at least visiting with Colin to see what he can do for you. Colin Taylor gets my highest and most respected recommendation and endorsement.”

Kevin H. - CEO, Professional Training Company

“Colin is not a “yes-man”. He'll let you know his thoughts whether positive or negative and will respectfully challenge your thinking if needed and when beneficial to your business. His goal with everything he says and does is to help move your business forward. My one regret is that I didn’t meet Colin sooner. He would have saved me a lot of time, money and misapplied effort. If you are like me, as a small business owner you have a special skill set, a dream and a plan for success. However, it took meeting Colin to realize that my plan could be taken to levels I never imagined. I can’t speak more highly of my experience working with Colin and for anyone considering working with him, all I can say is “you will only wish you had done so sooner!”

Karen M - President, Professional Services Company

"Our business has exploded!!!!!!!!! We achieved that goal and we have you to thank for helping us get there! We had the best financial month in the history of the company in March, and we’re already positioned to break that record in April. The phone will not stop ringing; we can’t keep up with it.We’re trying to hire three or four new people…Business has been unbelievable!” 

Curtis Alexander - Copywriter, Agora Publishing

"Not only is Colin a top notch guy and somebody that you would want working for you in your business, but he’s extremely…extremely web savvy. My hat goes off to him. Not often do I encounter people that have the kind of web knowledge he does. So if you’re looking for help in your business and particularly on the web, Colin is a guy I’d highly recommend you turn to as soon as you can.”